The Farmers Market Ogden Experience

Sale price $45.00 Regular price $60.00

'The Market Experience' bundle offers everything that the 'Just a Taste' bundle does with one additional product you can find at Farmers Market Ogden on a summer Saturday. 

What you can expect with 'The Market Experience' bundle:

A local piece of apparel or merchandise

A keepsake from a local artist or maker

A packaged good from a local producer

A niche item from a local maker

You will receive 4 local products from some awesome Ogden area makers for only $45. This bundle is valued at $60. 

With every purchase of a 'The Market Experience' bundle, you will earn 4 entries into a drawing to win a FREE 'Pro Ogdenite Experience' bundle. What is in the 'Pro Ogdenite Experience' bundle? Click here.